Tech @ NC State

Software is expensive and inaccessible for many non-profits that could greatly benefit from it. Tech @ NC State builds software tools for the organizations that need them, improving our community while providing invaluable hands on experience for our team members.

What We Do

  • Develop

    Join a development team and use your growing skillset for good! Every semester we will take on new projects, which are not only opportunities to give back, but also great ways to build essential skills you won't learn in class.

  • Career Prep

    Let us help you build the perfect resume, ace the coding interview, and thrive at your new internship. We'll show you the important digital resources, important class subjects, and successful experiences from students who've made it.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Throughout the year we will bring technology companies on campus to talk to and recruit directly with our club members and NCSU undergraduate students. Connections go a long way in this industry.

Leadership Team

  • Akhil Kaja Talasila

    Senior, Computer Science
    Microsoft, Capital One

  • Joey Bream

    Head of Engineering
    Junior, Computer Science
    ATI Industrial Automation

  • Matthew Martin

    Workshop Manager
    Junior, Computer Science

  • Ishaan Radia

    Event Coordinator
    Senior, Statistics
    Gusto, 84.51°

  • Michael Costello

    Junior, Computer Science
    NCSU College of Engineering

Partner Companies

Companies we've partnered with and/or can help prepare for their interviews:

Get Involved

Opportunities for NC State Students

We open our application for NC State students in the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semesters. We take students from different backgrounds and skills. Currently, we have a Front-End development team, Backend Development team and a Business Development team. Connect with us on *Link to social media accounts* to stay updated!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Profit and Non Profit Organizations

If you're a company that wants to support us in our mission and take full advantage of the perks we have to offer, fill out this Google Form or contact us.
You can check out what we have to offer to our sponsors here(link to sponsorship packet page).

If you're a Non-Profit and have a project that you need help with, fill out this Google Form or contact us.



WolfSnax is a WebApp that automates administrative work such as volunteer tracking and data analytics for local food pantry Feed The Pack.

Learn More About Feed The Pack