Tech At NC State

We provide students at NC State University mentorship and guidance to land internships at top companies in the tech industry. Current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can apply to learn from our mentors that have previously navigated the recruiting process for many companies.

What We Do

  • Interview Prep

    Let us help you ace the coding interview. We'll guide you on which resources to use, which topics to focus on, and successful interview experiences from students who've made it.

  • Resume 101

    Did you know some tech companies will disregard your resume if it doesn't have a certain keyword or format? We provide workshops help you nail down the technical resume essentials!

  • Networking Opportunities

    Throughout the year we will bring technology companies on campus to recruit directly with undergraduate students.


  • Svapnil Ankolkar

    Senior, Computer Engineering
    Microsoft, Facebook, Fidelity

  • Soumya Gade

    Senior, Computer Science
    Cisco, Access Point

  • Matt Dzwonczyk

    Senior, Computer Science
    Slack, Cisco, UnitedHealth Group

  • Harivansh Mareddy

    Senior, Computer Engineering
    IBM, Fidelity, Freshpire

  • Akif Rafique

    Senior, Computer Science
    Fidelity, Harris Teeter

  • Colton Botta

    Senior, Computer Science

Partner Companies

Companies we've partnered with and/or can help prepare for their interviews: